How to get "JJ" from Eugene

My given name is Eugene Edward Schmidt, Junior. My father was of course also named Eugene Edward Schmidt and was called "Jeep" after the Popeye character Eugene the Jeep. Although he acquired the nickname early in life (college?), it followed him forever. To his closest friends, he was fondly known as "Jeep". When I was born, my parents had the fear that people would call me "junior" so someone gave me the moniker "Jeep Junior" and shortened it to "J.J." or "JJ". Some people just call me "J" but spell it "Jay" if they don't know the whole story.
jeepJeepJr by Lauren

Now it turns out Jeep is pretty interesting.


Eugene the Jeep was a character in the syndicated Popeye cartoons. When asking what a Jeep was, Popeye was told,
"A Jeep is an animal living in a three dimensional world-in this case our world- but really belonging to a fourth dimensional world. Here's what happened. A number of Jeep life cells were somehow forced through the dimensional barrier into our world. They combined at a favorable time with free life cells of the African Hooey Hound. The electrical vibrations of the Hooey Hound cell and the foreign cell were the same. They were kindred cells. In fact, all things are to some extent are relative, whether they be of this or some other world, now you see. The extremely favorable conditions of germination in Africa caused a fusion of these life cells. So the uniting of kindred cells caused a transmutation. The result, a mysterious strange animal."

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