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From: William W.
To: JJ
Subject: Cincinnati-style chili

There can never be too much Cincinnati style chili!!!

You asked for a description....
well, since Cincinnati style chili comes from the chili capital of the world, it defines "chili". You might ask for a definition of Texas style chili, for instance.

Chili - boiled beef with spices including chili powder, all spice, cinnamin, and sometimes chocolate.
2-way - Chili served on spaghetti
3-way - Add cheddar cheese
4-way - Add raw onions
4-way bean - 3-way with beans (*)
5-way - Add beans
(*) To test for authenticity, ask for a 4-way. If they ask you whether you want the bean or onion option, you have a fake. Default 4-way's come with onions.

Serving suggestion: Add oyster crackers on the side to a 4-way.

From:	Glenn C.
To:	JJ
Subj:	"Cincinnati style chili" (sic)

Isn't this sort of like "Cleveland style kim chee"?  :-)

Glenn (native Texan)

... Allspice?  SPAGHETTI?  This is blasphemy!!

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